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A vertical portal is an online community in which those people looking for a certain topic can meet up online. It is a unique access point to a certain industry, market niche, or area of interest.

... combining the effort of your community

The vertical portal gets its data from a cluster of niche websites, which are autonomous: they can be accessed on their own and under their own URL and be owned by different parties.

How a vertical portal works:


The vertical portal fetches its content from a cluster of niche websites, which provide their data in real time


Browsing inside the vertical portal, clicking on a link from the niche website will open the page inside the portal


User interaction with the niche website (such as liking a post, or adding a comment) takes place directly within the vertical portal

How decentralized online communities are created:


Niche websites are autonoumous websites (they exist under their own URL) which specialize on a certain aspect of the vertical portal’s area of interest


By combining niche websites, vertical portals allow users from all different websites to interact with each other, while making all content of their interest available at one central point of access


Vertical portals can thus become decentralized social networks for their specific topic of interest, bringing together all actors in their community

This calendar is fetching and displaying events from several niche websites. Clicking on any event link opens the corresponding page inside the vertical portal.

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Add content

Offline mode

User notifications

Real-time updates

User moderation

Daily digests

Powerful search

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Based on open source technologies:

Powered by PoP and WordPress

Coded using web standards and open technologies

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We can take care of hosting your site through our cloud:

Hosted with AWS

We use Amazon Web Services due to its high performance, low cost and wide availability of services.

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Choose where to locate your servers from Amazon’s worldwide infrastructure.

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Your site will automatically incorporate all new features and performance optimizations.

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Why Work with Us


We are the creators of the PoP framework, so we know all about it.

Quick and cost-effective

We have plenty of experience making PoP sites and deploying them to the cloud, so your project will be up and running very quickly.

Contribution to the Community

Code developed for your website can be added to the open source repository (the decision is yours).

Sustainability of the Open Source Project

The income allows us to keep developing the PoP framework for the long term.

Meet the Team

Leo - Developer

Leonardo Losoviz is the creator of the PoP framework.

Jun-E - Communications

Jun-E Tan designs communication strategies.

Agustín - Graphic Design

Agustín Rabinovich creates impactful visual designs (portfolio).

Julia - Graphic Design

Julia Ferrando provides storytelling with images (portfolio).

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